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At Thrive Music Academy, our mission is to help transform lives through music.  While our students are learning to play their instrument, they are also learning valuable life skills that will inspire them to strive for lifelong learning and success.  We will help you feel a sense of achievement that will boost confidence and success!

What parents are saying

We love Thrive Music Academy! My daughter looks forward to piano class every single week and does a daily countdown until she gets to go again. Thrive’s thoughtful programming means the class is at just the right pace to keep her engaged and excited for more.

Jennifer O'Donnell

My 13 year old daughter is learning to play guitar at Thrive, and she completely fell in love with it after the first lesson! We just love that the instructors are so friendly and accommodating.

Alicia Brooks

My children and I are loving our experience at Thrive! My little one is really enjoying learning different instruments in the Kidzrock class and his big sister is beginning her music journey with violin lessons. Thrive has also given me the opportunity to learn a new instrument myself. Each of our instructors is amazing!

Katy Becker

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