Rock band classes for young children

in Mechanicsville, VA

So many people have painful memories of childhood music lessons.  We want your child to feel like playing an instrument is easy and fun and comes naturally.  We want your child to step our of their first class (we mean band practice) feeling proud and thinking “that was easier than I thought”.  From day one, your child will experience a feeling of success and accomplishment in our Kidzrock class!

Why parents love Kidzrock:

Thrive Music Academy Kidzrock Ages 4-7 in Mechanicsville, VA
  •  45 minute weekly classes
  • Students rotate between guitar, drums, keyboard and singing together
  • The social aspect of group classes enhances the learning experience
  • There is no practice requirement, so you don’t have to struggle to get your child to practice
  • There are no instruments or books to buy
  • Live performances every 10-12 weeks
  • This is a great starting point for young children who might want to learn an instrument!

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