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Does your child want to learn bass guitar so they can play in a band? At Thrive Music Academy, our goal is to teach your child in a way that will motivate them, build their confidence, and help them enjoy the learning process.  We know if we do this, our students are going to love coming to bass guitar lessons every week (and you’re going to thank us for that)!

Private Lessons

Thrive Music Academy bass guitar lessons in Mechanicsville, VA

Private lessons are perfect for either the student who is ready to take their bass guitar skills to the next level or the student who just works better in a one-to-one setting. Private instruction provides the most attentive learning experience that is tailored to each student’s individual needs and skill levels, and it is most beneficial for intermediate and advanced students. The one-to-one environment allows students to progress at their own pace, taking as much or as little time as desired with the guidance of a skilled teacher. In private lessons, your child’s teacher will help them foster a love for bass guitar and reach their full potential!

Join a Band!

Ages 7-11

Thrive Music Academy Join a Band Mechanicsville, VA
Thrive Music Academy Join a Band Mechanicsville, VA
Thrive Music Academy Join a Band Mechanicsville, VA
Thrive Music Academy Join a Band Mechanicsville, VA

We want every child to feel that playing an instrument is easy, fun, and comes naturally.  By joining a band, your child can learn an instrument in a low pressure environment using a method that helps them feel successful from the very beginning!  The music they learn is written for different skill levels, and the students reap the benefits of learning in a social setting with peers.  The class includes a songwriting component, which will help your child find their creative voice and learn to support and encourage others!  Additional private or group lessons are not required to join a band, but students who would like to enhance their progress can add private or group lessons in addition to band class.

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