Preschool music lessons

in Mechanicsville, VA

It’s never too early to start learning music!  Studies show that learning music at a young age greatly benefits the development of children. Our classes value the input and creativity of each child and foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment!  

The Music Rhapsody program, developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner, addresses each age and stage of childhood development. Our music classes meet your child exactly where they are and encourage growth and creativity as they learn. The program’s beautiful and diverse songs, singable phrases, and the use of repetition, instruments, puppets, and visuals all foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment. It’s a program that, to its core, acknowledges and values the input and creativity of each and every child.

Music Foundations for 18 months-5 years

Thrive Music Academy Toddler and Preschool Music Classes in Mechanicsville, VA
  • 45 minute weekly classes
  • Parent/caregiver involvement encouraged
  • Tuesdays 11:00-11:45 AM
  • Monthly tuition $84 with a one-time $35 registration fee

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