Mechanicsville, VA

Exploration Band for Ages 6-8

Your child will reap the benefits of collaboration while they learn the foundations of being in a band!

Jam Band 101 is a game-based, songwriting-centered class that inspires collaboration and communication through music and allows kids to explore the different band instruments. Kids learn music fluencies, practice basic instrument technique, gain confidence in their creativity and find joy in music.

Jam Band 101 is perfect for total beginners, as well as for kids with 1-2 years of experience. Kids who do well in Jam Band 101 are excited to try out all the instruments and enjoy playing games and learning in a group setting.

A typical Jam Band 101 class includes the following:

➜ Warm Up Game – Our warm up games gets kids moving, warmed up, and introduce the music concept for the day. 

➜ Rock Pit – This is where the band levels up the Big Music Game of the day. Our music games reinforce the concept of the day in a fun and interactive format. 

➜ Songwriting – Now it’s time to apply the BMG of the day to an actual song. The band exercises their creative muscles and writes a short original song with a verse & a chorus in a matter of minutes. Over a period of 3-4 weeks, the band will write an original song together, and complete a collaborative recording. 

➜ BandStand – Complete with vocals, keys, electric bass, electric guitar, and drums, it’s time to bring it all together where the band puts the BMG of the day to music and plays their brand new original song on their instruments.

Why Jam Band 101? 

Jam Band 101 is inspiring, fun and creative. Students in Jam Band 101 will:

➜ Learn to communicate through music

➜ Learn basic technique on all the instruments

➜ Learn composition and how rhythm, harmony, and melody fit together to make a song 

➜ Practice teamwork and communicating with others

➜ Find the instrument that excites them

➜ Build confidence in their creativity  

➜ Find joy through music!

➜ Grow self confidence

➜ Make friends