Mechanicsville, VA

Exploration Band for Ages 4-5

Why MiniKeys?

MiniKeys is a game-based group class which is a perfect launch pad for a student’s musical journey. We explore piano, drums, and voice and write original songs in our band. 

MiniKeys plants the seeds for a growing love of music. Through games, songs, and hands-on instrument play, MiniKeys nurtures creativity, kindness, and friendship in a musical environment!

Start your child on their musical journey!

A typical MiniKeys class includes the following:

Drum Circle: Warms up the ear, body and brain. Builds community and teamwork while reinforcing the concepts of pulse, dynamics and tempo.

Sing-Along: Warm up the voice with fun and active sing-along songs for everyone! Each song will focus on a particular music fluency!

Rock Pit: Full body games that physicalize the fluencies and give bandmates a chance to move and groove.

Songwriting: Brainstorm and develop original song ideas incorporating a chosen theme and a fluency prompt.

Bandstand: Where it all comes together! Bandmates practice fluencies on all of the instruments and work out original tunes together.