Mechanicsville, VA

Join a band and jam with friends!

Playing together in a band or ensemble can be a fun and rewarding activity. The group band environment requires band members to work together as a team to create music, which helps them develop important social skills such as communication, cooperation, and compromise.

About Rock & Write Bands

  • Bands for ages 9-12 and 13-17
  • This is a POSITION band, (Students have designated instruments and take private or group lessons outside of class on their instrument)
  • Class size up to 6 kids
  • Instruments: vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums

Bands write multiple songs together and take a deep dive into lyric-writing, harmony, and the skills necessary to perform and create as an ensemble. Through this process, they aim to cultivate greater independence in their songwriting while honing the essential tools needed to confidently write their own music.

A typical band class includes the following: 

Warm Up Game – This is where we introduce the music concept for the day. These advanced games challenge our students to train their ears and stretch their musical mind!

Rock Pit – In the Rock Pit, the band levels up the Big Music Game of the day. Our music games reinforce the concept of the day in a fun and interactive format. 

Songwriting – Band members exercise their creative muscles and write lyrics, melodies or chord progressions together.

BandStand – This is where it all comes together! Complete with vocals, keys, bass, guitar, and drums, the band puts the BMG of the day to music, and band members jam on their original song, or a specific section of the song that they’re trying to complete that day.