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Thrive Music Academy group violin lessons in Mechanicsville, VA

Group Lessons

Some students find a one-to-one lesson environment too intense.  Group lessons take the pressure away while still providing some individual attention.  Many students learn better within peer-learning contexts, especially while they are beginner/intermediate students.  Together with fellow students, you can learn to play your instrument within a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Why Choose Unlimited Group Lessons

  • Learn multiple instruments, try a new instrument, make up a missed class, or take multiple classes on the same instrument to progress faster

  • Easy to schedule

  • Customizable to fit your needs

  • Flexible to fit your schedule

  • Affordable to fit your budget

  • Add one on one lessons with a private coach to take your training to the next level (Unlimited Plus)

Private Lessons

Private instruction provides the most attentive learning experience that is tailored to each student’s individual needs and skill levels.  Private lessons allow students to progress at their own pace, taking as much or as little time as desired with the guidance of a skilled teacher.  These lessons are taught one-to-one and occur weekly at the same schedule time each week for either 30 or 60 minutes.

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Kidzrock Music Classes for youth 4-7 at Thrive Music Academy in Mechanicsville, VA

Rock Band Ages 4-7

Your child might be too young for music lessons, but they aren’t too young for Kidzrock! Kidzrock teaches kids ages 4-7 how to play an instrument in a performing rock band. Children take turns learning how to play guitar, drums, and keyboard and sing together in a real band.  From day one, your child experiences a feeling of success and accomplishment.  All great accomplishments start with a dream.  We’ll help your child get there!

Rock Band Ages 7-11

We want every child to feel that playing an instrument is easy, fun, and comes naturally.  By joining a band, your child can learn an instrument in a low pressure environment using a method that helps them feel successful from the very beginning!  The music they learn is written for different skill levels, and the students reap the benefits of learning in a social setting with peers.  

preschool toddler music classes

Preschool Music

Our music classes meet your child exactly where they are and encourage growth and creativity as they learn. The program’s beautiful and diverse songs, singable phrases, and the use of repetition, instruments, puppets, and visuals all foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment.