Alex Kehayas

From a young age, music has propelled Alex’s life and informed him of how important art is in the world. Alex began his formal music education with piano lessons at age 10, and quickly moved on to guitar at 12, electric bass at 13, and finally settling on the upright bass at 15. Since then, Alex has made it his mission to not only spread happiness and good vibes through his playing, but also through teaching and informing the next generation of musicians.

Alex has been very lucky to have a great career as a freelance musician thus far, including performing at Carnegie Hall, Le Poison Rouge, and a tour of Japan during his high school years, as well as a number of musical theater productions. He studied orchestral and jazz bass performance at VCU and played in ensembles such as string trios and quintets, small and large jazz ensembles, opera productions, and solo recitals. He also studied advanced music theory, jazz arranging and composition, music history. Alex has enjoyed a number of unique experiences, including touring the Czech Republic with an opera company and performing before Barack Obama’s appearance at the Richmond Forum. Currently Alex spends his free time preparing for and taking orchestral auditions, tending to his backyard garden in the spring and summer, and spoiling his dog and 3 cats that fill his home with much joy and pet hair.