Ash Gill

From the start of their musical journey at the young age of 3, Ash’s passion for the art knew no bounds. After falling in love with both the piano and the guitar, Ash underwent traditional music lessons at the Newark School of the Arts for both guitar and music theory at 6 years old. Years later, they began partaking in middle and high school concert, jazz, and marching bands as an alto saxophonist while honing their craft and understanding of the principles of music theory. Ash’s passion for classical compositions as well as progressive rock & heavy metal led to them founding their own power metal band in their later high school years, a project that they still play keys and sing for to this day. Outside of performing all over the country with their band and as a solo artist, they have also developed a skill for composing and have recently began taking control behind the desk as a DIY producer. Ash is excited to teach everyone that wants to discover the same level of passion for music that they had when they were young, especially those seeking a heavier road less traveled!