Jaleel Jackson

Jaleel started his music journey at age 10 with guitar before joining band in 6th grade in the percussion section. From that point, music of all forms piqued his interest. While in high school he and his friends taught each other instruments, participated in Marching band, choir, dance, and school musicals. Jaleel graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019 with a Degree in Music Education with a concentration in percussion. After graduating he became a 6-12 chorus teacher. While teaching, he was also involved as a Assistant Marching Band Director, Marching Band Director, Vocal Music Coach in a theatre program, percussion instructor, videographer, audio producing, and arranger for multiple styles of music such as Acapella, Drumline, Choir, Band, and pep band. In his free time, Jaleel enjoys learning more instruments, producing pop music, writing songs, playing with his dog Finn, and singing with friends.