Macey Hutto

Macey is a native of Hanover, Virginia where she first began playing violin at Oak Knoll Middle School under the instruction of Lucretia Davis. Macey has continued to study and craft the violin as she has been a violinist in numerous orchestras and programs including her school orchestras, the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program, GreenSpring International Academy of Music’s Chamber Orchestra, the Hanover Youth Chamber Ensemble, and her church. She has participated in Hanover All-County Orchestras, Central Regional Orchestra and won notable awards for her character and performance. From a young age, Macey has loved teaching and mentoring students in all subjects, ages and backgrounds. As a section leader and former Concertmistress, she has held many sectionals and full-group rehearsals focusing on all areas of Music. Macey is so thankful to take one step closer to fulfilling her dream and passion of becoming a music educator.