Policies and FAQ


How is billing at TMA structured?

Bands, preschool classes, and private lessons at Thrive Music Academy run weekly from September-May. Our annual tuition is based on each student receiving at least 34 classes per school year. The annual tuition is divided into 9 equal monthly installments, so your tuition will be the same every month even though some months have a different number of classes.  Payments post to your card on file on the 1st of each month.

I’m only getting three classes this month because of holiday closures. Why am I being billed in full this month?

Holidays and planned closures are accounted for in our annual lesson count, so even though some months have more or fewer lessons than others, your tuition will be the same from month to month—remember, the overall annual tuition is divided into equal monthly installments, regardless of planned closures or an unplanned snow day.

How do lessons work in the summer?

Summer sessions will be available for MiniKeys and Jam Band 101. Private lesson packages will be available for purchase for summer. The All-Access Class Pass is available year-round.

How are session-based billed?

MiniKeys and Jam Band 101 are session-based classes. There will be 2 sessions over the school year and 1 summer session. The classes follow a 15-week curriculum, which will allow 1 or 2 weeks for make-up classes (in the event of a holiday or weather closure). If no make-up classes are needed, these weeks will be “bonus” classes.

We are moving and won’t be able to continue lessons at Thrive. How much notice do you need? 

We require a written notice of at least 30 days to cancel your membership. Simply complete our withdrawal form to get the process started.


If we miss a class, can we make it up? OR What happens if we miss a class?

While we understand that life happens, you will get the MOST out of your lessons with us by attending regularly. However, if you need to miss a class or lesson, see our policy below.

We do not offer makeup classes for group classes because every group is working on different material. However, you will receive a lesson report on Tonara for the missed class from your teacher–so you can see what the class worked on and any suggestions for practicing before the next class. All-Access classes will not post lesson reports, but students are able to attend a class on a different day. 

For missed private lessons, the teacher will supply a customized Home Study lesson through Tonara for the student to work on at their convenience.

My class/private lesson was canceled because of a snow day. Will there be a makeup or a refund for the missed class? 

No. We plan on a couple of surprise snow days every year, so your minimum number of lessons (34 per school year) is unaffected and your monthly tuition will be billed as normal. 

Do I need my own instrument for the All-Access Classes and private lessons?

Students should have their own instrument to practice with at home. Students will use our instruments during lessons for drum and piano lessons but should have their own at home to practice with (drum students can start with a practice pad before buying a full drum kit). Violin students must have their own instrument. Guitar and ukulele students who do not have their own instrument are able to rent our instruments for an additional $20/month.


How does the All-Access Class Pass work?

When you enroll, we will register you in up to 2 regular weekly classes. You will be able to enroll in additional classes beyond that in your Opus1.io account.

Please only enroll your student in classes that match their age or grade level.

Please only enroll your student in classes for an instrument they will be able to practice. While we allow students to take classes of different instruments (i.e. piano and guitar), we only recommend doing that if the student will be able/willing to practice each instrument outside of class.

If you are enrolled in a class that you will not be able to attend, please go to that class in your account and “cancel” to allow others to take that spot.


We close for the following holidays in 2023. Monthly rates include these closures, so and there will be fewer lessons in some months:

Spring Break: April 3-9

Memorial Day: May 27-29

July 4th week: July 1-7

Teacher development: August 21-27 

Labor Day: September 1-4 

Halloween: October 31

Thanksgiving: November 22-26

Winter Break: December 23-January 7


You can see our full studio policies at the link below: