Exploration Bands (4-8) $148/month

Thrive Music Academy

Weekly 45 minute classes

Kids who do well in Exploration Bands are excited to try out all the instruments and enjoy playing games and learning in a group setting. Exploration Bands are taught in 16-week sessions, but new students can join at any time.

MiniKeys (ages 4-5)

MiniKeys is a game-based group class which is a perfect launch pad for a student’s musical journey. We explore piano, drums, and voice and write original songs in our band. Through games, songs, and hands-on instrument play, MiniKeys nurtures creativity, kindness, and friendship in a musical environment!

Jam Band 101 (ages 6-8)

Jam Band 101 is a game-based, songwriting-centered class that inspires collaboration and communication through music. Kids learn music fluencies, practice basic instrument technique, gain confidence in their creativity and find joy in music. Jam Band 101 is perfect for total beginners, as well as kids with 1-2 years of band, private, or group lesson experience.

To be most successful in our exploration bands, students must be able to work well with other children and follow directions. Every child has unique learning needs, and some children will function best in a private setting.