Rock band classes for ages 7-11

in Mechanicsville, VA

We want every child to feel that playing an instrument is easy, fun, and comes naturally.  By joining a band, your child can learn an instrument in a low pressure environment using a method that helps them feel successful from the very beginning!  The music they learn is written for different skill levels, and the students reap the benefits of learning in a social setting with peers.  

Why join a band:

Thrive Music Academy Kidzrock Ages 4-7 in Mechanicsville, VA
  •  60 minute weekly classes
  • Students learn how to play their instrument in the setting of a real rock rock band
  • Students learn to support and encourage others
  • There is no practice requirement, so you don’t have to struggle to get your child to practice
  • Additional lessons are not a requirement but can be added to enhance progress
  • The class includes a songwriting component, which helps your child find their creative voice

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