Music Lessons for Beginners in Mechanicsville, VA


Your child has been asking for music lessons, but you keep putting it on the back burner.

We get it.

Life is busy, schedules are crazy, and committing to weekly lessons and buying an instrument seems risky when you don’t even know if music is your child’s “thing”.

They say they want to play an instrument, but you know how kids can be.

They can’t decide which instrument they want to learn…or better yet they want to learn them ALL!

Will they enjoy music lessons?

Will they be successful?

Will they quit yet another activity that you put time and money into?

We understand your hesitations, which is why we’ve created a special class for families who are still on the fence about music lessons.

Allow us to introduce our new intro to music class…The First Beat!

This class is the best way to let your child experience music, discover which instrument(s) they love, and learn how we make lessons extra fun and special at Thrive.

In just 4 weeks, your child will learn the basics on the most popular instruments:






What you’ll get:

  • 4 FUN weeks of 45 minute lessons with new friends
  • Your very own First Beat workbook
  • A Thrive wristband
  • A First Beat graduation certificate
  • A ROCK BAND performance to put it all together!
  • No practice or instruments required!


Hurry, only 6 spots left!

If your child has so much fun they decide to become a member at Thrive Music Academy after their First Beat experience, apply the full amount of your payment to your first three months of lessons!

Registration is 100% Risk Free. If after the first couple classes Thrive doesn’t feel like the right fit, then we will refund your full payment.

*Spaces are very limited, so don’t wait!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is The First Beat for?

This class is open to kids ages 6-11. If you have a child younger than 6, check out our MINIKEYS (4-5) classes.

What will my child learn?

In The First Beat, students will start learning the four musical fluencies that are core to our curriculum: melody, rhythm, harmony, and songwriting. They will learn beginner skills on piano, voice, guitar, bass, and drums, and they will write a song to perform together.

How many kids are in the class?

Each class will have 3-6 students.

Does my child have to practice at home?

While we will never discourage a child from playing at home, there is no practice expectation for this class. The purpose of this class is to explore different instruments and get to know our curriculum, and all of that is done while in class.

Does my child need an instrument?

You do NOT need an instrument at home for this class. We will provide everything you need!

Do parents sit in on the classes?

We have a waiting are where parents can wait during classes. Because of limited space, parents do not sit in on the class. Plus, your child probably won’t relax if you’re in the room with them.

What happens if we need to miss a class?

We strongly encourage you to attend all 4 classes, but we know that life happens. If you need to miss a class, we cannot guarantee a make-up opportunity. The teacher will send home a lesson report each week so you will know what you missed.

Where are lessons held?

Our classes are held at our studio located at 9102 Rutland Greens Way, Suite E. We are between Kroger and the YMCA in Rutland.

When you arrive, please be sure to park on the business side of the parking lot and not in front of the townhomes. Our neighbors would appreciate it! 🙂

What happens after the 4 weeks?

We hope you will choose to continue your Thrive experience! This class is a way for you to try out music lessons without a long-term commitment, so we won’t be pressuring you to jump right into weekly lessons if you’re not interested in that.

But if you ARE interested in continuing lessons with us, your child can start right away and you can apply the cost of The First Beat to the first 3 months of your membership.